How Red Synergy acts as a bridge allowing EEMS to run its business smoothly.

Asia has always been home to some of the world biggest manufacturers of semiconductors.  Our client likes to define itself as being able to sell ice cream to the eskimos or "rice to the Chinese". In 1994, EEMS Italy was born to provide memory-testing services to European and Asian companies. Few years after its start-up, the company was purchased by a private equity fund and consequently went public. In 2005, as the business was shifting towards Asia, EEMS Italy decided to move its semiconductor’s operations in China. This is where the game really was (and still is).

In 2005, thanks to a very capable management - brought on board by EEMS President and Ceo - EEMS Test, EEMS Suzhou and Tech were born respectively in Singapore and in Suzhou.

As the legal framework in China was becoming more sophisticated and EEMS was planning several projects, it needed professional assistance. Beside, being a listed company on the Italian Stock Exchange it required external advisors to guarantee the maximum Read more

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compliance to local regulations. Therefore, EEMS was looking for a qualified and trusted support.

Due to its significant expertise in assisting companies in China with legal matters – especially daily assistance, company restructurings and M&A –  Red Synergy was selected to assist EEMS on several issues.

Providing assistance and enable a better communication

Red Synergy supported EEMS in carrying on corporate changes,  update articles of association and provide a careful management of labor issues (including setting up unions, create labor policies, etc.).

After that, Red Synergy started a close cooperation with the local management, on many different issues including financing, to documents review, custom issues and so forth.

Since the beginning, besides providing a qualified assistance, Red Synergy has been helping EEMS to solve a very important issue: dealing with different cultures. In fact, being an Italian company with Singaporean management, employing Chinese workers, and operating in different jurisdictions could cause slow decisions and cultural misunderstandings. Being geographically close and in the same time-zone with the local factories, Red Synergy has been able to bridge such gap by spending a considerable amount of time in talking to all the different stakeholders and providing an understanding of the different legislations and practices.

Red Synergy as a Partner and continues commitment to EEMS

Connecting together people so different and explaining complex issues in multiple cultures is always challenging. Red Synergy commits time and ideas to ensure that both the headquarter and the Chinese factories can always be heard and understood. Passion is

what drives Red Synergy when providing daily assistance to EEMS. Passion is what makes Red Synergy travel the extra mile to Suzhou to ensure that nothing is left to chance. Passion is what made Red Synergy become EEMS’s partner.

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