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 We have assisted companies in the decoration industry, high-end products retail, Internet of things and music streaming business with the following activities:

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Chinese hardware platform launching a device collecting data in Europe

A Chinese IOT platform launched a smart device (with AI enabled functions) collecting data in Europe and transferring them outside of the EU. We have assisted the company in drafting a data protection impact assessment (DPIA), advising on privacy by design principles for structuring the data collection, drafting data transfer agreements (DTA), and creating privacy policies and privacy procedures


Data transfer agreements from China to Europe

A global high-end beauty products retailer was seeking to transfer data between China and overseas as part of its customer relationship program. The company needed to understand how to comply with the newly introduced China Privacy Law. We advised the client on how to structure the service, draft agreements for data transfers from China and comply with the most stringent regulations for possible future developments.



Privacy Due Diligence for acquisitions

A company active in the music streaming business was seeking to carry on a data privacy and data management due diligence on target companies located in Europe, and USA. The due diligence involved a multi jurisdictional approach on privacy policies. Furthermore, data was transferred between continents without having proper standard contractual clauses in place. We prepared a due diligence report, drafted the comprehensive privacy policy and the standard contractual clauses to be implemented by the targets. 


Patents and Trademarks registrations for decoration brand

A high-end decoration company was seeking to register two patents for decoration techniques used in luxury hotels, stores and restaurants around the world. The company also needed to extend its trademarks registrations to several countries. Finally, the brand wanted to scale its global sales by rolling out a training program and teach its distributors to apply such technique independently. We carried on patent and trademark registration and implemented related licensing agreements

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