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Whether you are going to invent a new product, launch a new device, seek protection,

or roll out a global privacy program, we can assist you with the following services:

Intellectual Property (IP)

We advise on all the steps involved in going from a simple idea to a full protection of your intellectual property locally and globally. 


In particular we provide the following services:

  • drafting of non-disclosure agreements (NDA)

  • patent consultation and patent applications

  • trademark registrations

  • drafting of know-how licensing and intellectual property related agreements

Parallel Lines

Data Governance and Privacy

We advise on data processing operations, with reference to every sector and industry, including e-commerce, manufacturing, and digital marketing.


In particular, we provide the following services: 

  • drafting of custom privacy policies (GDPR, CCPA and China PIPL compliance) for website and/or mobile app

  • creation of privacy practices tailored to your business model

  • build and roll out of data access policies, data protection impact assessment (DPIA), data audit, retention policies, and incident policies

  • perform Gap Analysis

Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

We support manufacturing and technology companies both from Europe and Asia, often from the start-up phase, in the launch and integration of the most advanced innovations in the IT field.


In particular, we provide the following services: 

  • carry on data protection impact assessment (DPIA)

  • advising on privacy by design principles for creating new products or services 

  • drafting data transfer agreements (DTA) 

  • structuring and advising on data flow for AI/machine learning/deep learning operations to comply with privacy principles

Modern Architecture

Corporate and Commercial

We provide ongoing assistance to small and medium-sized companies, as well as to large national and foreign industrial groups, to start up, plan or strengthen their activities in any market area. 


In particular, we provide the following services: 

  • drafting operating agreements, articles of association, partnership agreements, shareholder/investor agreements, non-disclosure agreements 

  • drafting of cloud and Saas agreements

  • drafting employment/independent contractor agreements

  • drafting software/mobile app licensing agreements

Personal Consultations

To guide you in overcoming the challenges of intellectual property, privacy and data management along the way, We address questions including:

  • how to patent and protect ides and trademarks using different types of technologies

  • drafting policies and procedures to dictate how data gets processed within your entity

  • negotiating contractual addenda to govern how data gets processed across entities

  • designing your product/service with data sustainability in mind (a.k.a privacy by design)

  • assessing the potential risks to your business, your team members, your partners and your customers

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